Family History, I am doing it!

first family temple namesYesterday I decided to search for any temple work to be done on my family line. Much more productive than facebook or reading the news while feeding Scotland. Hannah came home from school and I taught her how to search. She has her own account so she was able to find names to do baptisms for on Friday with our ward.

I tried using the Descendency Feature to find long-lost cousins who needed temple work done. Success! It was so cool to find names and be able to request them. I love seeing that little green temple symbol… and I’m so hopeful as it loads… hopeful that there are no duplicates (because I’m not that awesome to know how to merge records)… and that they are older than 110 years old. And Hurray! when they are able to be requested.
Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 2.49.30 PM
So for the very first time, I will be able to do temple work for names I found! Super Cool! I love connecting with those who came before… my ancestors!

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