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A few weeks ago, a high councilor in our stake encouraged the Stake Presidency to visit and submit a picture or document. Jimmy told me about this “assignment” and so we hopped onto to take a tour of these new features. The user interface is lacking a bit, but overall, they are onto something by adding the photos, documents, sources online where they can easily be shared for all descendants to have access to.

These were two great finds I came across in the 30 minutes we were on the site
1. My Grandmother Rasmina as a baby in her mother’s arms. I had a scan of a photocopy of this picture, but I love that I now have a scan of the original shared by another family member.
2. Remember last February when we traveled all over tarnation to see Jimmy’s ancestors gravesites? It was freezing cold, but a really cool adventure for us and the kids. In probably the coldest location Koosharem, we saw the grave sites of Sidney, Julia, & Burton Rust (Jimmy’s Grandma Smith’s ancestors). And behold… on, there was a neat picture of them that I had never seen. So fun!

I do love family history. It’s so interesting to see pictures and connect stories and lives. Not everything we read or learn is grand, but there is so much to be learned about where we came from. And even if most of the temple work has been done (ok – really there is probably more than I realize), something my children and I can do is help share what we have with others on… and receive information & photos from other descendants.

I uploaded a few photos and hopefully connected them to the right people. I really want to get going on each family line to discover new tidbits and photos!
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