Grandmother Rasmina

Grandma Beck passed away tonight about 10:00. She had a cough and cold this past week and it weakened her quickly. She was 97.

Last time I visited her (December 8) she told me she was ready to go through the veil.
We knew she was anxious since Grandpa Price had just passed away a month previous.
She loves him.

Grandmother Rasmina is a dear woman. I love her.
She loved her Norwegian heritage as her dad came from Norway to America as a young adult.
She was named after his mother.
Grandma Beck had so many talents with her hands… needlepoint, crochet, hardanger, etc.

She gave Eliza this little necklace Christmas light that she had been given at a Relief Society party.
It was a reminder of His LIGHT and to focus the Christmas Season on Christ.

IMG_20141208_104419 copy

This was her last email to us all on Christmas Day!
We were going to visit her that day, but she was not feeling up to visitors, having a tiring and constant cough.

My Dear Friends and Family,


At this precious and busy time of the year please always remember the greatest gift of all. “He gave his only Anointed Son” to the world and what a wonderful gift it has been to all of us. Our Savior did all that He was sent here to do. His mission was to suffer for all of our troubles and illnesses. He then died on the cross, atoning for all of our sins. He did all the Father asked him to do. Can we do anything less than follow Him and his plan of happiness?

We have troubles we can overcome because we have prayer. We can talk to Heavenly Father anytime and he hears us; in his own due time he will do what is best for us. I find such joy in knowing how kind Heavenly Father is. He did send his Son to atone for our sins. We will all be resurrected.

This is what the beautiful season is about. Remind yourselves how blessed we are.

Another gift he gave to us was Joseph Smith – a new prophet for our time. His birthday is December 23rd. I remember Jerry and Shari celebrating his birthday with their family each year by sharing thoughts and events about his life and then singing “Happy Birthday” and having a birthday cake. Good Memories!

Every evening I find such joy when I say my prayers to thank Heavenly Father for each one of you. I visualize each one of you in my mind and mention your names. (Those that I can remember – which is most of you) It gets a little fuzzy trying to think of all my great grandchildren.

To all my friends that I treasure so dearly… Thank you for being a part of my life. I can’t imagine life without you.

I am doing well, considering I have had a cold. Still coughing but Rahn and Sue are keeping an eye on me.

Have a wonderful Christmas. I love you all,

Rasmina, Mom, Mother, Grandma, Great-grandma, Loving friend

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