Grandpa Joseph Charles Price

My Grandpa Price died today. He was 99.
I didn’t know him very well.
I only remember meeting him 6 or 7 times though I’m sure I saw him more than that when I was little.
He lived in El Cajon (San Diego) with his wife Daisy.
He bowled up until a few years ago.
He ate healthy. He enjoyed working at the temple.

We visited him a few times in California for family vacations.
We had so much fun as kids!
We swam in their pool. Played tennis & pool @ their home.
Space invaders. Disneyland. Sea World.
heath project
He had a long, steep, curvy driveway.
Years ago they traveled in a motor home.
Grandpa was a quiet man.
One time when they visited us in Sugar City, he told us stories about when he was a little boy.
I wish I remembered the stories better.

I wish I knew Grandpa better so that I could understand his challenges & trials.
I haven’t always understood his choices.
I believe understanding him better would help me feel more love, patience, & forgiveness towards him.
I know that God makes things right somehow. Christ’s Atonement compensates for all hurt.
Our Savior’s love can fill us with LOVE as we turn to Him.

I’m grateful my Grandpa is out of pain. He recently suffered from dementia and ailing health in his old age.
I’m thankful for the knowledge I have of life after death … that our Spirit lives on … waiting until we are ready for resurrection.

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