A Jolt of Anxiety : Ramblings of a tired madre

My mind is generally a whir of thoughts at bedtime. I’ve come to realize I have the familial tendency towards anxiety & worry. Oops! One of the “natural man” tendencies I’m here to overcome, I suppose… or at least endure until the resurrection. I certainly don’t mean to fuss over things in my mind. Oh how I strive to push forward with FAITH instead. Anyhoo…


Last night my brain didn’t slow down until after 1 a.m. when I fed Scotland. As I lay there contemplating the upcoming day, I had a jolt of anxiety thinking about taking 5 kids + myself in for flu shots (with baby Scotty in tow). Our pediatrician doesn’t have shots right now so we need to go to the Target Pharmacy. Taking 5 anxious/crying/wailing kids (& 1 wee babe) out of target after flu shots does not sound fun.
Wait! I have six kids. It hit me. I have 6 kids! Since when did I grow up?! I’m still a little girl who is learning to do hard things!

And learn to do hard things I shall. Thus is the purpose of life.

p.s. want to know how it turned out? Jimmy came home with our new Beastie van. We took our initiatory drive as a family to the instacare for flu shots/mist. 5 opted for mist. Hannah and I opted for the shot. I felt like we had a huge family as we filled out 3 papers per person. It was a fiasco keeping things straight with all the kids needing stuff while I tried to remember birthdates/years/etc (and a baby with a poopy diaper). I’m realizing that if mom stays put together, physically & mentally & emotionally, then the entire family appears to be under control much better. I’ve got to work on not being flustered in public with my darling family!

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