“Be Still” they say

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On Pioneer Day we had a family home evening on our ancestors. Hannah & Abe each highlighted moments from an ancestor’s life. Hannah told us about Jane Ann Stewart Hatch from Scotland. Abe shared about the lives of John Smith and Sophia Fortune, also from Scotland. I spotlighted Rebecca Wood Moss from Canada. Jimmy told the kids about William Walker Rust born in Massachusetts.

I think of the lives of these and other ancestors and it humbles me. They had joys and struggles and hardships like us … only unique to their time period and life purpose. Knowing about their lives helps me want to BE STRONG. I know they are cheering us on from the other side of the veil, hoping we’ll make the best use of our time here in mortality … to receive eternal glory.

While I worked this morning (and boy howdy, how I worked on dishes, laundry, tidying the black hole called my closet to make room for Baby Boy), I thought of the books I want to read when I have down-time/recovery-time after my c-section. I am hoping to reread this series: These is My Words. Thinking about the lives of those who came before helps keep my troubles in perspective.
these words is mine

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