celebrating the HAPPY

this is the HAPPY sunrise we spotted yesterday morning as the kids left for school.

this is ‘liza on Sunday. This is a funny photo of her. She was spitting all day – like a lot. Here she is about to blow a big raspberry.

this was ‘liza yesterday. In the morning I discovered her first tooth was about to break through. I had no idea. We weren’t expecting teeth this soon. Most of our other kids cut their first tooth at 9 months. It was an exciting day for ‘Liza… well, exciting for us. She was fussy.

this was ‘liza today. Doesn’t that look like a teething baby? Her first tooth broke through (it’s so cute!)… and the second is on it’s way. I can’t believe she has a tooth… isn’t she still my newborn? She’s growing up too fast. S.l.o.w  d.o.w.n  TIME, please.

remember when she used to look like this:

this is a snapshot video of our afternoon. Truman especially likes Wonder Pets on Netflix. I love that Max still says serious with a w. He’s a chum.

abe made a basket at his basketball game tonight. I’m seeing real progress in his skills. He’s been jumping to block shots. His dribbling skills have improved. I think he’s a little more confident on the court so he’s a little more assertive in trying to get the ball. Overall, it’s a good thing.

hannah read 1 Nephi in 2 days. What? I don’t know if I’ve ever done that. I encouraged her to read more out of the scriptures since she is spending so much time reading for the Jazz Read-a-thon. I want her to know we value the scriptures. I told her that I’d take her out to dinner when she finished the Book of Mormon. She thought she had to finish it by the end of the read-a-thon – like in a month… so she was cruising. Go Hannah! We’ll see how 2nd Nephi goes. I told her to keep a goin’ through Isaiah.

happy … talking with dear friends … they understand … the budget… the kids… the expectations & pressures… they build and strengthen me.

as I dozed to sleep last night, How Firm a Foundation was going through my mind. “I’ll strengthen thee, help thee, and cause thee to stand.” I do not think it was a coincidence that the Holy Ghost sent those words to my mind… and heart.

really, really, really enjoyed the music & painting classes at our R.S. activity last night. I’m sure I’ll write more later, but overall… I felt like being a better mom… to teach the gospel through music… to be more INTENTIONAL as a mother. Have a purpose to the day, follow through… go forward. I stunk at that today… but I’m encouraged nonetheless.

p.s. just so it’s noted for the record… the major 2-year-old fit tru threw today for an hour was NOT happy. In fact, he cried… I cried… Eliza cried (poor dearie gets so scared when he screams). It was not good. Hence… celebrating the other happy things going on today.

p.p.s. why does weary rhyme with cheery?

p.p.p.s. darling happy colors from etsy… sorry i don’t have linkies.

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