Happy Colors – Fresh Summer Food

07-july-201417I know – It’s weird to take so many pictures of food. But I’m quite in love with all the fresh fruit/veggie colors this summer.

It’s been a delight (though an expensive delight) to have so much fresh colorful food in the fridge. I’m realizing there is a big difference to eating pure sugar in licorice, etc… vs fruit with fiber. I guess fiber helps the sugars digest more slowly so your glucose numbers stay more level. So fruit has become more of a treat this summer. I want to remember how much I enjoy eating fresh vs processed. Remember – oh, remember Heather! 07 july 201413Plus, it’s kindof fun to experiment with my camera and take pictures of things that stay put . . . vs moving children.

p.s. my blood glucose numbers are sorta high when I eat cereal for breakfast. I keep trying to sneak Cheerios and fruit in for a snack in the evening as my sugars are lower and seem to regulate better. Also… there is some low-carb vanilla ice cream hidden under those peaches. It’s been a tasty treat as well. Oh – the watermelon slushie… just watermelon, ice, and lemon juice. I like it much better than I anticipated.

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