I will be your light…

I’ve been doing some soul searching … trying to get my mental & physical to agree with and do all the things my Spirit knows are BEST. Life is certainly busy and I feel a new fresh start for 2013 coming. A wipe-the-slate-clean and start over with the basics kinda thing. You know the times when you have a killer day and then you read the scriptures and BAM! best verse ever. This was the first one I read last night after a mournful cry session to Jimmy.Life is always better when you read the scriptures. Every . Single . Time … I receive LIGHT.  Sometimes I just feel confused and lost… and I know it’s because I’m trying to forge my own way instead of going the Lord’s way.  My way is fine and maybe even good… but the Lord’s is better.  So this verse about letting the Lord guide you … preparing the way is perfect.  BUT – the kicker… I must keep His commandments the BEST way I know how.  Why is it so hard to DO what you KNOW is BEST … not just good … BEST?!  And if we DO what we know/feel is right (between us and the Lord), we will be led towards the promised land.  Great blessings promised here.   He will send LIGHT … He will lead us… we keep His commandments … and we are blessed.  It doesn’t seem too complicated on paper.  And then … We will KNOW that God has led us on this path.  Gratitude for his guidance will be felt.

Yes, life is always better when we read the scriptures. Now – for more soul searching …

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  1. April Clark
    April Clark says:

    thanks for reading the scriptures for me last night- I needed to read this today.

    I think you’re amazing Heather.

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