“It really is a WONDERFUL life” – Recognizing JOY

This is what JOY looks like.
Dad & Tru playing outside & then harvesting in the garden.
Hannah & Abe happily playing with friends.
Liza snoozing.
Max chillin’ with his new foam light saber (from Jack’s b-day party).
Mother: Freezing more peaches while listening to uplifting music.09-september-20133
Why is this JOY? I don’t know. But I felt it… that this was a good life. It does help when I have a moment of quiet to actually ponder how good things are.

This morning we got caught up on laundry. Well the sorting anyways. We’ve been running it through the cycles all day. Hannah had a volleyball game. Pictures. Birthday party for Max. Quiet time. Cool Temperatures.

All week long I procrastinaed doing anything with the diamond princess peaches that were quickly ripening. They aren’t my favorite and so I just delayed the labor of peeling and pitting. Quiet afternoon naps seemed more appealing this week, I guess. I had to throw a dozen+ away because they were way too ripe. Stinkers. Opportunity missed. But lesson learned. Diving into hard work is more fulfilling than idling by. This can be JOY.
opportunity hard work

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