Movin’ to the Country

not that we’re going to… but if we could sell our house and actually make a penny or two… we would. And we’d move to the country and buy 5 or 10 acres. We would. Well… if we had any money to buy land. Why? Because … See that huge lawn in the lower right photo… heaven for kids (and Jimmy).

Jimmy’s friend Patti took these photos at a Seminaries and Institute Inservice day at a sheep farm in Huntsville Utah. See those mountains beyond the awesome rustic fence…. they belong to Marlin K. Jensen. How would it be to own a mountain?

Would it always be peachy to live in the country? No. I realize that. Skunks… Dogs (biggest fear for my tots)… mice… loneliness… a long driveway to shovel… long commute to the grocery store … who knows what else. But sometimes I want to have a farm house with a cool porch and hang my wash outside to dry. I want to have a few chickens… and a cow for Abe to milk… I want huge trees surrounding our property (like David O. McKay’s home pictured lower center)… I want a quieter, simpler life … well… this website put it best…

The Homestead Revival™ Mission: is a challenge for readers to get back to the basics of living closer to the land through homesteading, strengthening the family through homemaking, and building community through sharing […] to inspire women to joyfully embrace being a keeper of the home and educate the next generation in homesteading skills while encouraging them to adopt these principles as their own.”

I don’t know what I’m thinking … wanting to change our lifestyle. I’m so worn out and weary as it is… just physically managing my two youngest tots… keeping them safe… and paying barely enough attention to my oldest two. I’m not sure how I’d handle all the extra chores from living in the country with a huge garden… and canning… and sewing (all stuff I want to do deep down)… plus 5 tots. And can you imagine what trouble I’d have with dirt and such in a country farm house when I get bothered by our sandbox? sigh…

It definitely would be a lifestyle change. but perhaps …
Green acres is the place for me.
Farm livin’ is the life for me.
Land spreadin’ out so far and wide
Keep Manhattan, just give me that countryside.

p.s. we asked the kids if they wanted to move to the country and live on a farm. Abe said “NO.” Hannah said, “But Abe… then we could ride horses.” So now for the past few days Max randomly says, “Me wear a hat and ride a horse.” Jimmy would make a great farmer… but I don’t know if he’d go for the horse idea. We’ll give it a few years thought.

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  1. Mary
    Mary says:

    Get me out of the subdivision life PLEASE!!! I’d do just about anything. I am sick to death of the world looking at our every move as we live in the middle of them. HATE it HATE it HATE it. I’d totally even get a dog. A big one. No chickens though please. We could be neighbors miles away. Only if you move to Idaho. I’ll drive the tractor over to shovel you out every so often!

  2. Jolene
    Jolene says:

    I would go for the countryside too. With the animals, lots of land with big trees for swings and hammocks , a garden, and no annoying neighbors. Sign me up.

  3. Alicia
    Alicia says:

    Well don’t move yet, I just moved closer ;P. Moving in this weekend, it’s on pioneer crossing off of 500 W.

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