My life in a nutshell

miracle to get 3 littles under 5 + mom presentable by 9:15
drop tru off at preschool
errands to target to get 5 prescriptions for kiddos.
afterall, it shouldn’t be too hard with only 2 kids?


fiasco keeping liza dressed.
her socks bother her so she goes sockless.
in a 7/8 ballet dress that is gaping.
in a jacket she barely let me put on.
only to take jacket off the second we get in the store.

baby is fussy so mom holds him.
baby spits up royally all over mom’s front – through 4 layers.
hiccups and spits up again all over mom
and again.
mom is trenched and now must hold baby since entire front is saturated.

of course liza has to go potty.
because we just got to the store.
potty dance to family restroom.

where is the prescription to turn in for Scotland’s reflux?
nowhere to be found.
luckily they had called it in as well.
wait 20 minutes.

liza sees sophia book and sits in the middle of the aisle to read it.
i tell her if she sits in the cart, she can read it.
make way back to diapers carrying baby and pulling cart
and trying to keep liza close enough.
since, ya know, liza & the sophia book lasted about 1 minute in the cart.

my arm is about to fall off from holding scotty.
back to pharmacy to get prescriptions.
reflux med is $$ than I thought.
but if i get the old kind, i have to wait another 20 minutes.
so prevacid it is.

walking out of store liza sees juice boxes.
she parks herself there insisting that we must buy them NOW.
nice. raiiiight?! like I’m going to buy juice boxes for a bossy tantruming 3-year-old.
Put baby in car seat in cart (and thus now everyone can see my saturated top).
Lug Lanky Liza in her tutu over my shoulder – kicking and screaming.
Out to the 12-passenger van (parked in the outer 40) we all go.

I was hoping there was at least one mother in that store who was proud of me for not giving in…
rather than just seeing us as total disasters.

I gave up my hopes of buying anything else but the meds/diapers.
Should I have just left when he spit up on me?
But we had gotten ready and driven 10 minutes.
We were THERE!? almost.

And this is exactly why I hadn’t gone anywhere all week, people!
Stay home!!
So at least nobody else knows we are falling apart.

where is some dark chocolate?
and a shower?
and peace and quiet?

oh wait… now it’s time to go pick truman up from preschool.
where is liza?
asleep in her bed with stinky pinky blanket.
where is scotty?
finally cried it out in bed and is asleep.

this is my life.

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