My Life is like Ground Hog Day

I haven’t blogged in a week – that is like forever around here. Too much to say … not enough energy or brain power to get it all typed out in coherent thoughts. We’ll go for bullet points to sum things up.

– Potty training tru… 99% trained on #1. 0% trained on #2. That kid can hold it forever. Dry over night after day 1. We’ve cleaned #2 out of so many underpants that I’m about to pop (whatever that means). I just can’t buy pull-ups when he’s so close with most of it. It’s been interesting. Way easier than I thought. But harder with the blast-o-poops. Way too much information.

– Don’t spill the beans… i made a great new preschoolish activity with beans. It was 100% fantastic until tonight when Max stuck 3 beans in his nose. Really?! My kids have never done that. I think we had one incident a few years ago but i guess we easily took care of it. Amy, my sis, was here so using her calm pediatric e.r. nursing skills, she got 2 of those beans out. The 3rd was nowhere to be seen. P.A. Lindsey at the evening clinic couldn’t see it either. Hopefully it slid right down his throat. No Beans in noses!

– Liza is quite the busy tot. She’s turned into a demanding little girly-twirl. Yesterday she was having a jolly ol’ time in the bathroom scooping cupfuls of toilet water onto herself, the floor, and Hannah’s new book. With tears in her eyes, Hannah buried her book in Saran Wrap in the garbage.

– Abe … we got him a fish. A Gal in our ward was giving away a betta fish in a vase with a lovely plant growing out of it. If he cares for his pet and the plant, he can pass off 3 cubscout requirements. Hopefully we can keep it alive for at least two weeks. We’ve never had a pet before.

– Jimmy – the other night he said, “What have we got ourselves into?” I still feel like a little girl who shouldn’t be left in charge. But now this little girl has lots of wrinkles and love handles. And the word going around is that my nephews think I’m strict. I told Amy that I’m taking that as a compliment…. seeing as I’ve spent most of my life being so quiet.

– I made soap today… Not cold-pressed… just melted bar soap with glycerin and distilled water to make soft soap. I can add on-guard for hand sanitizing goodness. We’ll see tomorrow how it turned out.

– So we watched ground-hog day last night. Mostly goob, right? But I liked the lesson I gleaned: if you don’t like where you’re at … improve yourself by serving others … learn new talents to bless others … learn to be unselfish by caring about others … and once you think of others, you’ll feel happy. Doing whatever you want, whenever you want, won’t get you out of the rut. But changing your attitude and your actions will help you embrace and love the life you have.

– I really can’t place this quote… but I remember Julie Beck saying something about how we need to spend less time trying to figure out a way to get a break/vacation from our life and spend more efforts to embrace it. I just plain can’t find it… but I found these instead which meet my purpose of inspiring messages to help strengthen my feeble knees.

Julie B. Beck (2011 Women’s Conference): ““Am I aligned with the Lord’s vision of me and what He needs me to become, and the roles and responsibilities He gave me in heaven that are not negotiable? Am I aligned with that, or am I trying to escape my duties?”

I’m just having a hard time giving up some of the nice-to-do’s. sigh…

Let’s see – anything else.

It snowed. Tru and Max love to go outside. Liza thinks she needs a hat and boots on too. If anyone gets a drink, she needs one. If anyone has hot chocolate, she needs one. Candy – she needs some. That girly. We’re already feeling a little stir-crazy with the colder temps. We’ve spent oodles of time playing games, doing activities, making things in the kitchen. Sigh… But there is still so much time left in the day with 3 little ones at home.

Heading to bed… and just think “Tomorrow we get to do this all over again” Embrace my life, I will!

p.s. someday i’ll post pictures of all this jazz.

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  1. Carrie
    Carrie says:

    Whenever I get a chance to read your blog I am inspired and uplifted. Thank you for being so wonderful and for blessing the world with your greatness! I had a hard time training my 3rd to poop in the potty. After 6 weeks of 0 success I decided to start giving him cold showers. That was the most “natural” consequence I could come up with. He “had to get clean.” I only left him in for a few seconds, but he started pooping in the potty after just a couple of showers. Just a thought for when you get beyond desperate. Good luck!!

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