progress … and trust

2 thoughts from today.

Progress: I took a nap this morning. I kinda felt bad… but not. I told myself it was going to help rejuvenate myself to take care of my family the rest of the day. And ya know – it helped. After my nap, either from guilt… or increased energy/motivation, I got a ton of work done. Given – I wasn’t the most attentive mother today and we all hung out in jammies until 2 or so. But little Liza played around while I went through her clothes and tidied her room. We got some laundry done… some dishes done. Sorting/decluttering/etc for d.i. bins. I really felt like there was PROGRESS. I tried to look at all that I was accomplishing… instead of looking around feeling discouraged about all the rest that was left that wouldn’t be done today(yes, this happens frequently). But Progress… there was progress. It’s a good feeling.

Trust: The hymn that kept going through my head today was this:
I know there are reasons for certain adventures, events, and changes in our lives. So often we wonder where we’re heading next … God knows, and if we trust Him… and move forward with courage and a calm heart, we will start to see where He is taking us… what He is helping us become. This is random and perhaps doesn’t make sense… but it will, all in time.

I like the description in verse 2 about how we see the dark clouds a-comin’. We dread the ‘hard’ but really, the Lord is showering us with blesses throughout it all. Also love the imagery in verse 3 with the budding flower. At first the change is hard/bitter, but with time we see why it is the Lord’s will.

I love that the Lord teaches me to understand in small and simple ways such as this.

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