Project Home Organization

needs some encouragement. I’m not good at a few minutes here… a few minutes there. I’d rather conquer something all at once. But such is not my life.

I needed to revisit something I read by Emilie Barnes in the book I’m reading…

Before I read this book I thought to myself… oh, I’m not a pack rat.
Well – according to this book… I am. Oops. Better get going on fixing that.

Speaking of organizing… the shoe organizers for the backs of closet doors just arrived. Some are for shoes… some are for craft supplies… some are for laundry room items. I hope I like them!

Off to organize while the tots are sleeping!

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  1. Alicia
    Alicia says:

    I could use some improvement, which is embarrassing since I haven’t even lived here a year. Top on the priority list is going through all the baby toys I just HAD to have because clearly my first child needed one of each, and getting rid of at least like half of them. I just close the door to the playroom when I walk past and try to pretend it isn’t there….

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