randoms for a tuesday

One never knows if a 2-year-old is seriously possessed, in need of pain medicine, constipated, hungry, or just plain grouchy. only 358 more days until he turns 3. please tell me he’ll magically become rational.

Abe had his first tooth extracted yesterday at the dentist. Actually it is 2 teeth that were fused together. He was so brave. Plus, he was pleased that the tooth fairy finally got to visit him. She left him a little extra $dough$ because he had to wait until 2nd grade to lose a tooth, it was 2 teeth, and the dentist pulled it. Ouch!

According to Abe, “Nothing is more better than mom’s bread.”

why is it that when my boys go outside to play I have to tell them, “Be nice. No playing about killing or hitting or anything mean. And if you scream or yell at someone you’ll end up in your room. Be nice.”

In Hannah’s alternate reality: “Sometimes I want to live in a big house in the country, run in the fields, and make crowns out of daisies.”

Seriously – dishes are so awful to do when there is sticky syrup dripping off plates… cheese hardened, peanut butter smeared, applesauce encrusted on bowls, silverware everywhere with goobs on them. We have a rule to rinse dishes off before placing them on the counter… obviously nobody regards that rule. Plus, I start blaming the kids for the mess, when really I should have done the dishes before I took a nap. Arggg!

this made my morning:

in regards to that… yesterday I realized I wasn’t emotionally or physically up to my week flying solo as parent. I started feeling selfish and didn’t want to deal with 5 kids by myself (especially all the night time shifts). Am I alone? No way. What was I thinking? I saw a reminder on a blog that encouraged me…

never kill a fly on the cupboard directly above the open mixer of kneading bread. luckily after lots of searching i found the fly on the counter. phew!

speaking of bread, I love my new Gerken’s Cinnamon Drops to add to bread (like great harvest cinnamon burst) and muffins.

if only you could have been a fly on the wall during fhe on monday. “it was one for the record books,” according to jimmy. abe decided we needed a lesson on love and peace. well – fhe was anything but full of peace… isn’t that how it goes sometimes. we had a full-on hitting war between max and tru during the song, “Families can be Together Forever.” Although there were some positive moments like finding scriptures on LOVE in the topical guide, the rest was pretty much bonkers. Press onward we shall.

today a friend asked if we wanted to come pick raspberries from her garden. Boy-Howdy… did we ever! Hannah was in heaven… pretending to be THAT country girl with the daisy crown on her head. She said, “I know it would be a lot of work to live on a farm, but I just think it would be fun.” It sure is fulfilling to do practical work though… especially if it’s food you’ve grown (or in this case… that my friend grew!) and harvested. Thanks for the fabulous and plentiful raspberries Laurie!

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  1. Julie P
    Julie P says:

    I’m going to tackle that bread tonight. Looks good!

    I have to tell you I laughed out loud when I read what Hannah said. She is just so funny.

  2. Cheri
    Cheri says:

    What? Laurie has raspberries? I want some! ;)
    I can’t believe Jimmy left you those sweet notes. I’m totally sending this blog post to Chris. LOL

  3. Amanda
    Amanda says:

    Oh yum! I love raspberries! Now I know why you put so many on your ice cream. A little tiny container at the grocery store costs like 2.50. I need me some raspberry bushes too!

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