that which is virtuous…

a while ago I mentioned I watched Downton Abbey when exercising (my one-time success on the treadmill in the past 2 weeks… arg! I watched the first half of the first episode. I had heard so many good things about it… how much others love it. So I thought I’d give it a go.

Well, tonight I started watching that second half of the first episode and I have to say I was disappointed. Like shocked disappointed. I turned it right off. Perhaps the scene I saw was an isolated thing, but I wasn’t taking that chance… and it left such a hollow spot inside that I didn’t care a jot for the series after that.

Whatever happened to ‘that which is virtuous, lovely, or of good report or praiseworthy, we seek after these things? Wow – the world missed that commandment. That Satan is such a sly little booger trying to sneak things into a show that potentially could be good.

I’ve spent the past few days working on THE FAMILY: A PROCLAMATION TO THE WORLD design project. So much awesome doctrine. Pure Truth. V i r t u o u s . Lovely. We seek after those things declared in that Proclamation.

I’m so grateful we have living prophets on the earth today. so . g r a t e f u l .

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  1. Alicia
    Alicia says:

    Are you just doing pieces of the proclamation? I wanted to put the entire proclamation up in our living room on our Gospel wall next to the temple and picture of Christ but everything I tried to design it up a bit failed miserably. Not that there’s anything wrong with the standard large print of it that you get at the temple but I just wanted to make something more artistic of it and it was a complete bust. Would love some ideas if you have any!

  2. Jenifer
    Jenifer says:

    my husband and i are watching Downton Abbey season 2 together and we really like it. i do remember watching the first couple of shows thinking “UGH”. Perhaps i should have been as good as you and turned it off. I will say something though… I have a BIG problem with shows that show EVIL and WRONG acts and portray them as GOOD and NORMAL. Like many older British era films this series deals with evil people and good people, questions of morality, questions of repentance and living down mistakes of youth. Yes, the most evil man is also homosexual and a couple of the young girls naive and immoral BUT the whole rest of the series is these people dealing with the consequences of their behavior.
    i know we each need to choose how we spend our hours and i do believe there is much virtue in the world we can seek after. i honestly can hardly remember season one- but i do like how this series helps us feel the moral struggle that each of the characters is facing. life is about moral struggle– in my mind, true evil comes not in recognizing sin, but in excusing it.
    i’m not saying that you should watch the show– just helping you understand why many others may have recommended it to you. :)
    and this is why i am not the RS president. :)

  3. Jenifer
    Jenifer says:

    ps. i just remembered how much i hated watching some of the work and the glory movies.
    not that downton abbey is work and the glory BUT i just remembered how i hated seeing the evil.
    (i don’t even like the illustrated book of mormon books- the blue ones)
    the only redeeming value of any conflict is when good wins in the end and evil is punished.
    so far, downton abbey does a good job of that.
    (maybe i’m just de-sensitized?)

  4. Liz
    Liz says:

    I want to thank you for taking a minute to write honestly about this show. It just so randomly happens that this show is all the rage in my ward right now and I was on the verge of looking it up on Netflix. However, knowing my feelings toward entertainment, you’ve just saved me the trouble. Finding your blog through Laurie Sorenson’s was a tiny tender mercy. Thanks for sparing me that “hollowing” scene! I’d much rather feel filled with quality stuff. :)

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