True Story

 Dinner Time Conversation.
Loved Abe’s comment.
True Story.
Found these shoes for $12.99 on True Story. They are super comfy and earth-friendly (or so they say). Too bad the Simple Shoe company is going out of business. Isn’t that how it always is. Anyhoo… now my feet are excited for spring weather.
True Story.
Games on the i-touch help.
Promise of popsicles helps.
Having a sick child who needs crackers, gatorade, juice, and soup gets me to the store with tots.
Tru honestly didn’t remember how to sit in a grocery cart.
It’s been that long.
True Story.

 Found Spring Sixlets at Wal-mart.
Made it worth the sacrifice to go to the store in the snow.
Bought 6 or so bags to last until summer.
Love all those cheerful colors.
True Story.
Am loving these new favorite pastel sharpie markers.
Bright, fun colors to take notes in Ensign… R.S. Meetings… etc.
True Story.

I decided to experience the benefits from using essential oils.
I’ve been diffusing BALANCE which is supposed to help balance anxiety and help you feel grounded.
Hmmm… does it work?
Used Breathe on Eliza when she was snoggy.
I do believe it helped.
I’m excited to try Deep Blue for my aching muscles.
Hope it helps.
Am I weird. Probably.
True Story.

p.s. sometimes after a presidency meeting when I feel stumped about a decision, I have to retreat. Separate myself from the situation briefly so I don’t get too frantic about it. The issue somehow stays in the back of my mind and I visit it now and then… but a break is good… hence, blogging at 4:30 p.m. Better zip off and make something for supper for my fam.

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  1. Jolene
    Jolene says:

    Thanks for the tip on the shoes. I have been wanting to get some casual shoes but don’t ever want to pay the price for them at the store. So there were a great price. They only had 2 options in my size, so I didn’t get my favorites, but I am still excited about them. Thanks again for the tip. I had a pare of simple shoes years ago and loved them, I am sad to see them go out of business. They started where Ryan is from.

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