Easter Sunday

bruce r mcconkie testimony

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Enjoyed a nice evening with Grandma & Grandpa Price.
Songs by the kids, program about Christ’s last week,
pleasant weather, popsicles & Ginger/Lemon Mud Pie.

IMG_1078 copy
Sorry boys, but this was my favorite… this is our life with boys.
Abe was trying to put his arm around Tru and thus it all ended in laughter with Abe fake sulking.

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The Easter Bunny at our house has had a hard time the past few years balancing the fun & the spiritual.
This year we had a few family home evenings
and a special program at Grandma & Grandpa Price’s home
to learn about the real meaning of the Atonement.
The Easter Bunny brought a few very simple gifts …
& a coloring/activity booklet focused on Christ.
On Saturday we had an Easter Egg hunt for the 3 littles.

Overall, I felt better this year about the message conveyed to the kids.
I am so grateful for our Savior Jesus Christ and his Atonement for me… for each of us.
The peace, comfort, HOPE, and joy He brings to my life is wonderful … wonderful to me.

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