G’day Mate

I was so thrilled when I realized today is Australia Day.  It’s tradition to acknowledge & sorta celebrate it.    Anyone want to donate the Pavlova?
I think that I really, really, really want to move to Australia. I talk about it alot, especially in the Winter. I don’t know what seems so glorious about living in Australia… I just think it would be a cool adventure. Plus we wouldn’t have to learn a new language. My Grandma said there are a lot of flies there. Hmmm… I guess we’ll see if it ever happens. I’ve had quite a few orders on my Simply Fresh Designs Etsy shop from gals in Australia. Don’t you think I should go visit them!? One lives on Thursday Island (pictured top left). The beach on the bottom right has the whitest sand in the world made from mostly silicone. Overall, Australia seems so interesting a place. Happy Australia Day!

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