Halloween 2015

Kind of a different Halloween this year… but it was good. We missed Trunk-or-treat for a few reasons. Friday early morning Liza barfed and I didn’t want her to get anyone sick… though it turns out by 10 a.m. she was eating and drinkly fluids just fine. But I also didn’t want to do trunk-or-treat in Rockwall after waiting for it to start for a few hours… alone with 6 kids… and having to bring everyone’s Halloween costume. And it didn’t make sense for Jimmy to drive out there. Anyhoo… no ward trunk or treat which was sad for the kids… it would have been fun to get to know other kids. Oh, plus it was all rainy. I’m rambling.

Anyhoo… so we promised the kids a fun family halloween party for today. Jimmy took Tru, Liza, and Abe to Inside Out at the cheap theater here. Tru and Jimmy hadn’t seen it. I rejoiced at quiet time with Scotty sleeping. Hannah and Max had down time… a rarity around here.

Dinner of crunchy tacos which most of the kids rejected. Oh well. Such is our life.

Trick-or-treating/meet some neighbors. We went as a family and met some really nice neighbors in our apartment complex. Not many families out and about so we walked across the street to the fancy neighborhood, hoping to see more kiddos. Not many kids out around here I guess… which made us miss our neighborhood in Utah… getting to see so many friends and ward members.

I try so hard to help the kids focus on the activity spending time as a family and meeting new neighbors instead of getting more candy. Halloween is definitely a ridiculous holiday to me and I despise trick-or-treating. But, i’ll tell ya. The kids had a lovely time (save some screaming from liza) and actually got along. No shoving or fighting about who knocked on the doors. The kids were polite and complimented people on their autumn decorations, said “happy halloween” and ‘thank you’. I was impressed that we actually had a nice time together.

We came home, ate donuts and had cider and candy corns. We played duck-duck-goose & ghost-ghost-pumpkin. Dealt with a few meltdowns, read scriptures, and got kids in bed by 9.

Hannah was Captain America.

Abe didn’t know what to be but today we found a cool pixelated star wars shirt that he liked on sale so he decided to be a Star Wars Nerd.

Max was batman.
Tru was superman.

Eliza wanted to be a million other things, but I was able to convince her to be a cowgirl. I just wanted her to wear the costume I had as a little girlie. This week she told me she couldn’t be a cowgirl without boots and a hat and a rope to say “nee-haw” (yes… nee-haw. She insisted it wasn’t hee-haw or yee-haw). We found some boots at target that she hasn’t taken off since. Well… I guess she slept without them. Couldn’t find a cheap hat so we braids with ribbons. And we found a bandana instead of a rope.

Scotty was a cowboy and wore the little leather vest from my childhood. Having his bandana bib from Aunt Amy helped his costume come together. Mostly he enjoyed sitting in the stroller and occasionally someone would give him a lolly and his eyes would light up in delight.

I dressed up like a mom. Yep… that was easy.
Jimmy dressed up like a dad. Easy-peasy.

See ya Halloween.

p.s. this was the warmest halloween we’ve had in years. we did have rain today but it cleared this evening. eliza put a little sweater on to walk around but it wasn’t too chilly for any of us. thank you Texas for the nice Halloween temperatures!
2015 10 October3
Don’t forget the pumpkin! Tru insisted we get a pumpkin to carve and that we have candy corns. Jimmy was willing to carve and did a splendid job. The ants are now enjoying the pumpkin outside as the kids sleep. Love you pumpkin!

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  1. Jenny
    Jenny says:

    Scotty looks adorable and is getting so big. Good luck surviving the rest of this transition period. Glad Jimmy is enjoying his job so far. We miss you!

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