New Year’s Eve 2013


We enjoyed a fun New Year’s Eve. The kids wanted to continue the tradition of Fried Rice & Fortune Cookies. This year we added sherbet/fresca smoothie which was loved by all! We found some plastic goblets at Walmart which made it extra fun. We played Headbanz, watched Happy New Year Charlie Brown, went outside and counted down and snapped the poppers!, read the scriptures, and put the littles in bed by 8. Hannah, Abe, Dad, Mom (oh and Eliza who didn’t go to bed with the littles) played Life and ate popcorn. Hannah & Abe really wanted to stay up until midnight. Mom & Dad were ready to zonk by 10:30. I showed Hannah & Abe the Astronomy Star App and then we goofed off asking Siri funny questions. The kids ended up watching movies until midnight and then went to bed. Mom & dad tried to get to bed earlier, but ended up talking until almost midnight. See ya later 2013. Onward to 2014.

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