Thanksgiving 2013

Holiday of Gratitude!
We stepped it up this year since we were preparing the meal for Jimmy’s siblings.
Tastiest Honey Baked Smoked Ham! Best ever and worth every $.
Green Bean Casserole. Mashed tators.
Sweet Potato & Pecan Casserole.
Pretzel Jell-o Salad.
Orange Rolls thanks to Miss hannah’s help.
Slush – which was actually frozen by the day after! Whoops.
11 november 20134
We enjoyed a delicious dinner and chat with the Smith kids, Paul & Jill, John & Michael.
Dad watched a bit of football, of course.
We had bazillion-oodles of dishes which actually went quite quickly thanks to a few dishwasher loads.
11 november 20136
I’m actually posting this waaaaaay after the fact, and thus my memory fails on all the little simple details. But my memory is that we enjoyed tasty food, a lovely table setting, and the kids had fun with the uncles/aunt.

So grateful for our blessings!!!

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