This is Halloween … 2013

10-october-201320-copyMax: Ninja
Abe: Mad-Eye Moody from Harry Potter
Hannah: Disco Granny
Eliza: Oh so sweet Minnie Mouse (She thought the pose had to be Karate related since the boys were karate-chopping)
Truman: Golden Ninja from Ninjago10-october-201321I encouraged Hannah & Abe to have a friend over for a Halloween Party instead of going Trick-or-Treating (dumbest tradition ever, I say!). Well, Dad invited them to go with the littles so they ended up doing both. Turned out fun for the kids. Eliza was the sweetest as she’d give the candy away at the next door. Twick-o-tweet.

Hannah & Tea played Wii Dance & Harry Potter Clue Game. Abe & Jacob talked Legos and Origami Yoda stuff. They could not be serious, those two! We ended the hang-out with a Caramel Apple Bar… homemade caramel (yum!), melted chocolate, mini reeses pieces, pretzels, marshmallows, and Honey Crisp Apples from Washington. Fun!

Phew… Halloween is OVER! Onto more important holidays!IMG_4187 copy(p.s. notice how Hannah changed her outfit. She kept wondering if being a disco granny would offend grandparents so in the evening she dressed up as the Wicked Old Hag who gave Snow White the poisoned apple)

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