Tru’s had a birthday – Shout Hurray!

Truman turned 2 on Wednesday. He is still too young to look forward to and understand such a celebration, but once the party started, he enjoyed himself. We had a pretty mellow day, but the weather was nice so we got to play outside.

For dinner we had Fried Rice which Truman really enjoyed. Then we sang him Happy Birthday and brought out the cake. He enjoyed that and the kids helped blow out the candles. Tru didn’t eat any cake, but it was fun for the rest of the kids. Presents: oh the joy! You can see in the photos that Tru was given very little space… he had lots of helpers to open the gifts and enjoy them.

Truman liked all of his presents:
~ Mr. Potato Head made him laugh so hard.
~ White Chocolate Pretzels… a prize from dad. Tru ate the entire bag by the next day.
~ Barrel of Monkeys… 1 little monkey swinging in a tree… teasing Mr. Crocodile, “Can’t catch me!”. Along came Mr. Crocodile, quiet as can be… and Snapped that monkey right out of that tree.
~ Fruit Snacks
~ Garbage truck from Grandma & Grandpa: Tru Loved this. He loves watching the real garbage truck on Wednesdays. He enjoyed putting the garbage cans in the back and driving the truck around.

A bit about Tru at age 2:
~ stubborn as can be at times… sweet as can be at times.
~ is learning to jump.
~ walks down the stairs well.
~ loves his blankies
~ loves ‘popcorn popping’ before bed
~ lets Hannah help him. well, most of the time.
~ loves to swing, and swing, and swing
~ favorite activity is gathering rocks… on hikes, on walks, in parking lots, in driveways. lots of rocks to gather everywhere.
~ does great eating when he’s in the right mood … chicken, beef, veggies, fruits, soup. He’s very particular about forks, spoons, plates, cups… and feeding himself.
~ has issues with hitting, screaming, biting, pinching, and kicking.
~ has moments of just snuggling and sitting in my lap.
~ loves baby einstein movies
~ is pretty serious, but thinks max is funny and laughs with him.
~ always laughs at the king throwing things in David and Goliath. He knows the names of David’s brothers.
~ is a smart little kiddo… too smart for his own good sometimes.
~ has been staying close to mom and dad lately. Even when the kids play outside, he doesn’t want to be out there unless we are with him.
~ really likes Eliza but is learning how to be gentle with her.
~ is a skinny kiddo with little features and head.
~ is still working on growing those eye teeth in all the way. He still has yet to grow in his 2nd set of molars.
~ picks the seeds out of everyone’s popcorn bowl and either eats them or gives them to Jimmy.
~ has a cowlick in the center of the front of his hair so it looks like it splits down the middle.
~ has a tender heart. when he gets in trouble i think his feelings are hurt more than anything. once we give him a love, he is much better.
~ says very few two-word phrases… but knows many words.
~ likes to have a turn reading scriptures. he repeats one word at a time. his voice inflections are so cute.
~ really doesn’t like holding hands, especially when crossing the street. he always wants to go at his own speed and his own direction. this = hard times for mama.
~ gets super constipated. we really have keep his diet balanced because of this reason.
~ sleeps in a big boy bed but usually gets up once during the night. he’ll usually go right back to sleep in his own bed after spending a little wiggle time with us.
~ will say sorry and give loves after calming down in time-out.
~ is a dear little boy whom we love so much. We do hope he grows out of his tantrum and screaming phase, but we’ll take all the snuggles and loves he’ll give us.

Age 2 years
Length: 35.75 in (83%)
Weight: 25.2 lbs (16%)
Head Circ: 48.5 cm (45%)

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  1. Alicia
    Alicia says:

    Happy Birthday Truman! Aiden loves rocks too, we went to the pumpkin patch and his favorite part was the big rock he found haha! Glad Aiden isn’t the only one who has trouble with hitting (although he generally only hits himself which is really strange), oh the terrible 2’s. I keep forgetting how close Truman and Aiden are in age, glad he had a fun day!

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