6 LITTLE words make a big difference

I finally hung this message up on the fridge. I’m hoping the kids will catch the vision & start asking this more often. It’s a great principle of service & going the extra mile if we can all do this a little better in our home. Now… come to think of it… I don’t think I’ve heard anyone ask this question willingly since I hung up the sign… I did place the words in Hannah’s thoughts and thanked her for going the extra mile by wiping off the table without being asked. Sigh…

This is our new desktop image on our computer… for all in the fam to read and see. We’ve had way too much contention in our home this summer. I reread this promise by Elder Marion G. Romney. We are almost finished reading the Book of Mormon. Hurray! We can all work on doing more meaningful study as a family – and I definitely can improve on my reading. We need these blessings in our home. I bet even better personal scripture reading for Hannah and Abe would help their attitude and generosity with each other. Sigh… always striving.

In other news. I came across a different version of this quote on pinterest. It’s really just quite true (though completely unrelated to anything else on this post).My favorite is when I have an errand to run at Deseret Book (when someone else is watching my kids). Sometimes I think I could just curl up in the corner and fall asleep… it’s so peaceful. zzzzzzzzzz. . .

This week we’re packing up for our vacation/trip. Live Long & Prosper.

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