a small success

Yesterday I was complaining to Jimmy, upon his return home, that the older kids don’t seem to get any of their work done unless mom is breathing down their neck. And because I took a nap, I woke to kids playing the computer and a messy downstairs. I guess they figure when mom is being lazy, they can be lazy. Only… I wasn’t being lazy – right?

anyhoo… right after I was done complaining to Jimmy, what to my wondrous ears did I hear?

“Mom, what can I do to help?” from Mr. Abraham.

Sing Praises.

I hung up the sign on the fridge on Thursday. Abe didn’t see it until yesterday morning. Smile.

I recently read a conference talk (of which I can’t find the source)… that told parents not to be discouraged when it seems their children are slow to learn. I realized that Heavenly Father has been so patient with me being so slow to learn… that I need NOT be dismayed when it seems the tots aren’t learning very quickly (uhhh…. like my 2 year old).

Every day I know I need to look for the good that is happening in my home. The go-the-extra-mile moments from the kids. When Hannah is well, she is an awesome helper. She volunteers to make dinner… or at least decide what to have for dinner. Abe wants to learn to cook and enjoys helping. Sometimes they do their chores without complaining. Grin. Even little Tru loves to help. He feels needed. He’s great at helping to empty the dishwasher. Max loves to work together, though struggles to get his chores done on his own. Progress may seem slight, but it is still progress… this I must remember.

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