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I often choke at the price of laundry detergent. I have this dream that all my clothes will be perfectly clean and will smell like Tide forever. But… I don’t buy Tide … and my laundry doesn’t smell fresh forever. Oh well.

Since my yummy smelling clothes dream isn’t coming true, I figured I may as well go even cheaper and make my own detergent. I never wanted to do the liquid homemade kind, but figured I could try this powder one. We don’t have an HE so I’m thinking it’s going to be fine. Hannah loved that the soap looked like grated cheese. Next time I may use my food processor so it is more refined.

Thank you Pinterest for the linkie to this Laundry Soap Recipe. I’ve only done 3 batches so far, but it got out red popsicle and chocolate without me pre-treating it. I have yet to do whites though. We’ll see how bright they look afterwards.

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