This week I sewed… well, if a few zig-zags count as sewing. I borrowed my mother’s machine and zig-zagged the circles for a quilt block for my cousin’s wedding quilt. What a DELIGHT it was to sew. Yes… it was made with LOVE not perfection… but still a fun project. I remembered that I find great delight in creating … in accomplishing a project … and seeing something come together from little pieces. I liked Elder Uchtdorf’s talk from a few years where he focused on CREATING.

I also decided I really need to just make homemade bread regularly. I can’t stand paying $3 a loaf for bread (Grandma Sycamore raised their prices!!). Plus, I need to learn to make a tasty whole wheat recipe and rotate through our wheat. Hannah loves wheat bread. I tried a new recipe and even though I was interrupted to resolve a fight between the tots… and henceforth forgot to add the honey and oil at the right time … it worked out in the end. If you’ve followed my bread experiment, you definitely know I’ve had more failure than success…. which is why I liked President Uchtdorf’s quote.

And what good is homemade bread without some sweet jam. We enjoyed the strawberry jam so much that I made last month that I wanted to make more so it would last longer than through the summer. Problem #1: we don’t have an extra freezer… so I hope it all fits. Problem #2: I combined 2 batches and I hope it sets up properly. We’ll see soon. Either way… making it was fun and only took an hour.

I had a Groupon for a Shutterfly book that expired on Wednesday so I cracked down and finished the winter pages. More than a Cozy Winter… it was a LONG, hard Winter. But there were moments of coziness amidst the sickness, pregnancy nausea, and freezing cold temps. I love putting together family memories. It puts things in perspective for me and helps me realize that we have some successes and some fun amidst the work and squabbles and frustrations.

I guess most of all, I hope I’m creating more than just STUFF for others and my kids… and I’m creating warm memories, righteous traditions, and a good example for my family.

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  1. Tricia
    Tricia says:

    Heather – look how awesome you are!! I love the quilt block and the bread and jam look SO SO yummy. You are amazing!

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