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I heard recently about the benefits of joining Amazon Mom. At first I did it because there was no obligation and I got free Amazon Prime shipping for Christmas presents. Then I priced their diaper subscriptions and found I could save 6 cents + per diaper. Right now we buy LUVS at Walmart for 19 cents each (+ tax). After 30% off with the Amazon subscription the diapers came out to about 13 cents. They seem to be the cheapest yet still work for us. So anyhoo… I’m excited to receive my first shipment and see how it all goes.
Mostly I wish I could buy all things on subscription with free shipping and no tax… how about food storage items like toilet paper, paper towels, laundry detergent, flour, wheat, rice, hot chocolate mix, oreos (ok – kidding!).

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  1. Amy DeMordaunt
    Amy DeMordaunt says:

    Wow, good comparison shopping, Heath. Smart move on the diapers, and nice to have the other benefits. Do they sell Oreos?

  2. cortniepotter
    cortniepotter says:

    Hi … I came across your blog via mutual friends … I grew up with Jimmy in Dahlonega GA. My dad was our bishop for many years … Callaway Family. It is great to see Jimmy’s sweet lil’ family. I just wanted to add that I too am an amazon mom … and you can save even more if you get the Parents or Parenting magazine that has a 20% off diaper coupon inside. (Jan doesn’t have one but Nov and Dec did and they are good thru Jan 31st) So, you get the 30 % plus 20% and it makes the diapers about 9 cents each ! I have been using this service for about 8 months now and love it. It is the best deal by far! (they used to let you stack the 20% off and people were getting boxes of over 200 for $3 … but then they stopped and only allow one 20% off – combined with the 30. Hopefully Feb and March and so on will include the coupon since Jan didn’t … it is like a post card size lime green. Good luck and tell Jimmy and his family hello !

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