It was very bountiful.

This week we tried Bountiful Baskets. Basically you pay $15 (sign up on Monday) and you pick up whatever fruit/veggie assortment they offer that week (pick up on Saturday). I was worried we’d get something really weird that would be a waste to us, but everything was pretty normal. The only things we hadn’t bought before were asparagus and mango. I like both, but just never think of asparagus and I never know how to pick mangos… or cut them. Here’s what we ended up with.We estimated it was about $25 worth of food, so it was a good deal.

Plus, this weekend we’ve enjoyed more fruits and veggies. Yesterday I baked some asparagus with olive oil, salt, and pepper. Even the kids ate it! For dinner we sliced the mango and the kids tried it but didn’t want to eat a lot of it. I really enjoyed it! This morning we had Rooty Tooty Fresh ‘N Fruity pancakes with strawberries and bananas and mangos. And for Sunday dinner we had a great veggie salad and a great fruit salad to go with our spaghetti and bread. Overall, I’d definitely say I’d try Bountiful Baskets again. I’m hoping this summer to get some great fresh foods.

This weekend I decided we needed to have a better balance with food groups (especially for my picky children who don’t like protein!). So – we reviewed the food pyramid that was on our fridge. I am not a huge fan of this specific pyramid from Harvard. Tofu? Beans… seeds? Kids aren’t gettin’ that.

I prefer this one from though I think the vertical lines would be more confusing to kids.

Basically I think we’ll just review the word of wisdom with our kids and go that route. Anyhoo… bye-bye sugar treats and refined carbs (well… at least fewer)… and hello! more fruits, veggies, whole wheat, and healthy protein.

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  1. Amy DeMordaunt
    Amy DeMordaunt says:

    We like the new mypyramid because it’s so colorful, cartoon-y, and emphasizes exercise. Do you think they need a little pink cupcake group on there?

    I love your beautiful produce! It’s like garden bountiful harvest in the fall, if you had a mango tree! I finally have been chopping and using peppers more. Blast if the kids notice, though…they get all bent out of shape on that. But nice flavor addition, I think.

    Great FHE topic. If I can find a little pamphlet I made for a project when I was in school a few years ago, I’ll send it to you. I thought it was so clever, but there are much nicer ones out there, for sure.

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