more on laundry…

just what y’all wanted … or not

Thanks for all the suggestions friends. I really, really, REALLY appreciated the ideas. Keep them comin’!

I took all the comments and wordle helped pull the top 25 words. This is what it came up with:

insightful… maybe? After soaking in everyone’s comments I’ve decided it boils down to a few things. These are the words I came up with.

Every Year I go through issues with dishes & laundry. I try to come up with a new system… and for me I think I need to find something that works and then just get to work. I think deep down I know that staying on task with a system and doing the work is what needs to be done. Staying on top of things makes it do-able. Instead of letting it stack up and feeling swamped with a mountain of laundry/dishes. Sigh…

It’s like my mother taught me when I was a little girl (a message from President Monson):

So – the goals.

1. Simplify the baskets… because we do have so many colors in our system, I think “well, that batch isn’t full”. If we have fewer baskets, they will need to be washed more frequently… which will help a twice a week or once-a-day laundry plan. I just need a system that will be easy for the kids. That’s why I had a gray basket. gray… that’s easy enough. jeans… easy enough. We’ll work on that.

2. Helpers… I have the kids do loads of work on laundry… mostly sorting… getting their dirty laundry sorted with the family’s. They often “fold”. They “put away?” their own laundry. I need to teach more in this area… how to do it right the first time.

3. Hannah helper. I’m going to make a chart for the laundry room that tells how to do laundry so Miss Hannah can assist me in getting loads started, etc.

4. Clean out the laundry room. It’s gotta be done people… at least once a year. Will do that soon. I love when the table in there is cleared off. Love it!

5. Purge and sort… I liked the advice to purge and sort. My closet needs this desperately. I still have maternity clothes out… debating if I give them away or not. Other clothes may never fit again. Keep up with purge and sort with kids is so tricky, but I know if I keep up on it weekly, it won’t be so daunting a task.

6. Just get to work Heather. I think I can make things easy… when really I just need to buckle down, establish a routine (morning routine… what’s that? genius idea.) and do the work that needs to be done. Work first, play later. sigh…

7. Family time… I liked that someone mentioned that if the laundry is done throughout the week, Saturday can become more of a family day. That is so true around here. Generally we all work together Saturday morning… but come summer, all I want to do is go to the mountains and hike on Saturday mornings. Then we come home to a messy house. Cleaning during the week leaves more time for family on weekends. very good. Let’s do it.

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  1. Brittany Daw
    Brittany Daw says:

    Hey, great ideas and great motivation. My sister and I were just talking about this the other day and one thing she does that she really thinks helps (and I agree) is to ONLY do laundry on certain days (unless there is throw up, etc…). That way, laundry is not something you stress over the other days. So, I do my laundry only on Mondays and Thursdays. Then Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday I don’t worry about doing any laundry and I am free to do other things I need to get done. I don’t HAVE to worry about laundry. Does that make sense? I also buy “shout color catcher” and mix all my colors together if necessary (otherwise I try and do a jeans, darks, lights, and reds if there is enough laundry. I always do my towels separately–on Thursdays only :)) Then, if I don’t get to folding things during the day, I put on Masterpiece once the kids have gone to bed and I fold away! Good luck, and I think yesterday was your birthday, am I right? If so, happy birthday! If not, I don’t have a very good memory… :)

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