Quaker Ducks and Pancake Bunnies

We kinda have a thing with ducks in my family – the Nelson family, that is. My Grandma Ruth Nelson was called Quaker Duck and she had lots of little duckies around her house. My mother has darling wooden ducks in her home. My kids LOVE her awesome Donald Duck talking.

Well – I’m thinking all the Quaker Ducks in the family would love these cute duckie rolls for Easter.I’m guessing you could do this with homemade roll dough as well – what think ye?

p.s. Aren’t these bunny pancakes so fun too?

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  1. alison
    alison says:

    Such cute duckies! And the pancakes are adorable. I saw them a couple weeks ago and made them last Sunday for dinner after church (yes our meals are suffering a little since Dave is gone I don’t cook all fancy smancy). My kids LOVED them! We didn’t do the m&m’s or choco chips and my kids still liked them. Fun to have something festive!

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