Last week we were able to get 8 lbs of Strawberries from Bountiful Baskets ($13… eh?… good deal? okay, I suppose). Oodles of ripe strawberries to enjoy.

One of my friends brought us some rolls and homemade jam a while ago and I just loved the jam! I called her up and asked for all the details and tips. Usually when I make jam (non-cook freezer kind) it is way too runny so I feared I would ruin this batch. I didn’t let fear hold me back though. I carried on and actually met success. It was plenty thick without being gooby.I started a bit late… oh – like almost 9 p.m. I wasn’t about to make jam in a messy kitchen so the dishes came first! But – it went quickly and well. I used this low-sugar pectin.I just had to cook the sauce for a few minutes and then add the strawberries (that I finely chopped in my food processor – I love that Braun machine!). I poured it into the jars. Then let it settle and realized the last of it had little fruit and lots of sauce at the bottom of the jars. So I mixed it up again and this time stirred while I poured into the jars and it seemed to mix better (you can see that they aren’t all even with fruit/liquid… is this normal??). We let it sit for 24 hours as the recipe said. Then put it in the freezer. And you know, I quite like this jam. I was so pleased that it was a success.

Because I only used 4 lbs of strawberries, we had 4 lbs of very ripe strawberries left over which we needed to use quickly. We used some in a very tasty slush recipe … with bananas, oj, pineapple, strawberries… frozen and then later mixed with Fresca. It was so yummy… plus it was a lovely pinkish/peach color. We made some smoothies with oj, bananas, and strawberries. Such a refreshing morning type drink. And then Jimmy and I froze the rest in little baggies to put in smoothies all summer. How yummy is that! I’m so excited to have tasty strawberries that we prepared ourselves to enjoy for the rest of the year.

I’m being very long-winded about such a short topic… but I’ve just been excited to enjoy all these strawberries!

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  1. Angela Passey
    Angela Passey says:

    I am so jealous. I have never been brave enought to attempt canning at all. All those strawberries would be gone in a month or two in our house. Yummmmmm.

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