Subscribe to Popcorn?

Jimmy and I were joking today about how I should subscribe on Amazon to our favorite popcorn (they don’t sell it at our Walmart).  I checked and they really had it set up for subscription. Too funny.  Plus, it was cheaper than what we can find on sale around here.  Love tax free and free shipping.

I know – it’s microwave processed whatever. But it’s handy to have around. It’s my 2nd favorite popcorn on the planet. 1st favorite is kernels popped on a pan on the stove, but I guess sometimes I’m too lazy to do that for the tots when they want a snack. So – Homestyle popcorn it is… 2 boxes arriving every 2 months.  Amazon subscribe is my new favorite thing!

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  1. Jolene
    Jolene says:

    That is funny that you can subscribe to popcorn. What other things do they have to subscribe to? Enjoy your popcorn.

  2. laura
    laura says:

    I found your blog from my friend jenny…anyways, I love amazon’s subscribe and save, I use it for diapers usually. My new favorite way to do popcorn is in the microwave. it’s so easy, put 1/4 to 1/3 cup of kernels in a paper lunch bag and close the bag with tape, then microwave for around 2 minutes. then i can season to taste with salt and butter or oil. But you can’t beat the ease of regular microwave popcorn,t hat’s for sure!

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