Supremely Satisfied

The van won’t start. We think it’s the starter. Hmmm… not that we really ever go anywhere… but today is the day to begin my new organization system while we’re at home all day long. I’m completely copying my friend Shauna who inspired me to try this system.

As much as I love to play all day, I thoroughly believe this is true:

p.s. is the book I’m getting ideas from:

I’m off to work. I hope I can get some work done here & there while still being a mother. I imagine this might take weeks… but Try I shall.

The Goal: to feel Supremely Satisfied with my home: A Place for everything; everything in it’s place.

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  1. Shauna
    Shauna says:

    Beautiful! I think it will take me months, not weeks! I have so much junk to go through! I put a good few hours in the other day… filled up a whole garbage bag of garbage and have a bunch of stuff ready to be organized in to boxes. Am hoping to get started on that this afternoon. We had a house showing yesterday so it took me all day just cleaning up for that. This is going to go slow, oh so slow. But it will be so incredibly worth it! I am glad you are doing it with me. Together, long distance style :)

  2. Wendi
    Wendi says:

    I think I need to play at that too! Except that these days it is an accomplishment if I even get out of my PJs. I feel accomplished if I get dinner made before 7pm AND get to sit and eat it with the family. One of these days things will start falling into place. I hope. I do love that quote! It is certainly true.

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