The Reality of Preparedness

For weeks (since our mini earthquakes started), … and particularly since the devastating earthquake in Japan, I’ve thought about the reality of being prepared. As in… what do we really need to be prepared for what is to come? If it were just Jimmy and I… things would be different… but the thought of feeling prepared to care for 4+ tots in an emergency makes me really want to do what we need to do.

For example…
It seems there are a million situations that we may deal with… earthquake during the day with everyone gone… earthquake at night… in the cold… in the extreme heat. Floods… War… Fires… etc… etc… Each situation seems different… in that we’d have different needs. In some cases all food storage, 72 hour kits, car, home could be destroyed. Would we have to walk? In some cases we could just hunker down at home and enjoy all that we had prepared.

I will spare you all my blah-blah concerns on preparation. I suppose in the end, I realize that as we follow the prophet… do our best setting up our food storage, emergency kits, pay tithing, pay off debts, care for others, that the Holy Ghost can guide us to know what we will personally need as a family. The thought of building up a spiritual reservoir has stuck in my mind. Yes, we’ll all do better in any situation with a firm foundation of Faith in Jesus Christ … as will our children.

Will I ever feel completely prepared? I hope so. Right now, I realize that food storage is certainly easier to rotate through than to restock? 72-hour kits are a twice a year major task for us. But I feel it’s important to help my tots feel more prepared. I wonder if I’m really doing all that I need to as the caretaker of these tots… to prepare them spiritually and physically for what lies ahead. It all just seems like such an on-going task… and I wonder when I’ll have a grasp on it.

I’d love to hear from you. Seriously! What have you done to help your family feel more prepared for disasters? Have you felt that peace of mind that all is set in order in the preparedness department? Share your ideas, please.

I liked these ideas from this article: Lessons to learn from Japan’s earthquake

Link to Donate to LDS Emergency Response Charity for those needing help in Japan.

This is still our favorite song/video about being prepared. Whenever we say “Be prepared” in a conversation, I love to start singing this. In fact I thought of it twice yesterday when I talked to Abe about forgetting his water bottle that he wished he had… and also when he refused to bring a jacket because it was sunny… but ended up raining later. Be Prepared!

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  1. Brittany Daw
    Brittany Daw says:

    I am right there with you sister! Sometimes I feel overwhelmed with the amounts of stuff I would need for a year supply… and then I remember–I will just do the best I can, and let God fill in the rest. We are really trying though to get what we can. And right now it is WATER. I have heard over and over again that Water is the most important thing we can have in emergencies.
    And really–it is the family relationships that are most important!

  2. Tricia
    Tricia says:

    Heather – thank you so much for the LDS Philanthropies link. I have been wanted to send help for Japan and have been checking the church’s website for specific information on how to help. This link is exactly what I have been wanting. Thanks again for being so “in the loop”!! :)

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