while mother was mopping

the 2-year-old was making a mess by throwing rice krispies all over the floor & storage buckets. snap-crackle-pop-smash-crunch. At least I hadn’t done the pantry floor yet … and now after an afternoon of cleaning (thanks to nap time for tru), it is tidier and cleaner than ever.p.s. i really, really don’t think i will ever like the smell of vinegar(even with essential oils). What do you use to clean & sanitize your floors?

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  1. JulieP
    JulieP says:

    Oh, that cutie. Although I bet it wasn’t too cute to you at the time, huh?

    Another Heather-friend was telling me (when she picked up her diffuser, actually) that her mom takes a big (24 oz?) squirt bottle and puts a couple inches of rubbing alcohol in, fills with water, and adds a couple drops of essential oil for scent. She says she loves it because it has a hospitaly sanitized scent but enough of the oil to smell really good. Haven’t tried it, though.

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