yes folks… it was a day

Here I sit eating 2nd dinner at 8:30 p.m. … homemade minestrone soup, french bread, and oj. 1st dinner was put on hold due to a phone call from Abe’s teacher. 1st graders pretending to fight at recess with the sun in their eyes = accidentally punching your friend in the eye and bending glasses beyond repair = not good. I don’t like dealing with these situations. May they be few and far between. Bless Abe’s heart… he rarely does things to be mean and he has an apologetic, kind, and sensitive soul. We just need to work on “Think before you act” with these boys. Thankfully he has the best teacher on the planet for him. She sees the good and praises talents and loves when poor choices are made. Lots of life lessons to learn from… and then move onward – eh, little buddy!

Since prep work on dinner started at 6:30 we ended up with some starving tots. Truman kept bringing me a raw potato which he had tried to bite. He was very sincere in his desire to eat it. Max pulled out the corn chex for a snack. Hannah and Abe each had a carrot (which was also going in the soup) and pretended to be rabbits. They had an interesting conversation about how good carrots are for your eyes. It probably occurred while they were standing 2 inches from the tv.

The funny from the day came from Abe. He was watching a movie during dinner prep and said it was called “The Privileged Child”… which really was “The Prodigal Son”. Oh, how we all laughed.

FHE happened during dinner since we were running so late. We chatted about that movie and what lessons we can learn. Don’t spend all your money on silly clothes people! Max was standing on his chair with his shirt off (soiled by his apple juice) saying loudly, “Pible, Pible. What’s a pible?” My response: “Bible, Max. It’s scriptures.” Then Max started saying loudly, “My bummy hurts.” Abe asks, “What’s a bummy?” Oh dear… such talk at the table.

The other thing that brought a smile to my face was seeing how much Truman enjoyed his soup… tomatoes, carrots, celery, potatoes, noodles, broth and all. He slurped it all up! When I was putting him to bed he let out a loud burp. He laughed and laughed. Then he kept saying, “Silly. Burp” (well… with his 1 year old pronunciation which really sounds like “See. Buh.” Too funny.

And that folks, is the end of this long day. Off to watch Forever Young with my love.

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  1. Lanette
    Lanette says:

    Heather, I SO relate to your life. Will you move into the empty (cute) house next door and be my neighbor? We would have so much fun, so many spiritual talks, and I promise I won’t bother you during dinner or pre-dinner meltdowns, raw-potato-eating, rabbit-munching, etc. I won’t judge you if your house is a little messy, because mine probably is, too. And, most selfishly of all, I could bask in your absolutely delightful, inspiring, beautiful attitude about life! What d’ya say? Pretty please . . . with sugar on top? But don’t tell Mary because she’d probably want you to move to Sugar City. But, see, I need you in Burton. Actually, Mary in Burton would be fun, too. Okay, okay, you can BOTH move out here! Problem solved. I’m SUCH a peacemaker!

  2. Amy DeMordaunt
    Amy DeMordaunt says:

    Still laughing at your hilarious re-tellings! Love you and your kids. (I would love to be neighbors to you all!).

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