How to Change!

Just a few notes and thoughts from “He did deliver me from Bondage” book by Colleen Harrison. It used to be a resource in the church’s addiction program until they wrote their own program. I love that it’s full of study of the Book of Mormon. It addresses any challenge we might have that make us feel out of control or unable to govern ourselves. Learning to completely humble self and rely wholly on Jesus Christ for strength will change our hearts, our vision, and our choices. I’m at the very beginning, again, because I started it 2 years ago and only got to page 13. Once I got to the “action”part, I pooped out. Oops. This time I’ve got this!!! I’d recommend this book to anyone who emotionally eats, has or knows someone with an addiction, or anyone striving to have a better balance of life activities or choices. Thanks to @snyderem for sharing this book a few years ago.