Common threads in the tapestry of childhood

This quote I read on Clover Lane tonight made me chuckle… and smile because of it’s truth.This past week I’ve heard this from Hannah:

“Mom, everyone in my entire class has been to Disneyland.”
“I just want to go somewhere this summer. ALL my friends are going on vacations.”


I reminded my blessed children of all the cool places they’ve been…
stone mountain in atlanta, georgia to see the 4th of July fireworks & laser show.
disney world… (ok – does it really count if you’re only 6 months old).
hikes galore in the rocky mountains…
washington d.c.
sugar city

They agreed that we’ve been to a lot of places.

Anyhoo… so this quote about Disneyland was timely.
Mostly I think I’d rather go somewhere else (like my sister’s idea to go to Mount Rushmore).
But I remember going to Disneyland twice when I was little.
First time I was too young to ride the big kid rides.
Next time I was too scared to ride Space Mountain.
But I loved our trips to Southern California.
They were totally great adventures.

But it’s true… that more often than big trips,
we made waffles on Saturday Mornings,
Sloppy Joes on Saturday Nights,
read stories from ‘A Story to Tell’,
had oodles of laughs at dinner when Dad threw noodles on the chandelier…
or sipped tapioca with a straw,
read scriptures with an umbrella “reigning of the judges” and such.

I like normal daily things that are creating memories and traditions in our family.

It’s all good. (even when you fry hash browns and your entire house stinks like oil. then you open up all windows and doors to air out the house. daughter #1 is looking up info on the solar eclipse and forgets to watch over daughter #2. mother is cleaning up poop and oil and chocolate brownies and sugar on the floor … and forgets to remind daughter #1 to watch over daughter #2. which means that daughter #2 crawls out the front door and cuts her lip on the cement. boo-hoo-wah for all involved. remember heather that things will be okay)

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  1. Marne
    Marne says:

    Yes…I firmly believe that children can still have a happy childhood WITHOUT going to Disneyland. Yes, its true. My kids haven’t asked about it…we haven’t ever been a big Disney family…and they have always hated “costumed people.” They don’t like Santa, the Easter Bunny, sport mascots or anything else of the kind. So why would they like Disneyland? Lagoon is cheaper and much closer if all they want are amusment park rides! They had their first Lagoon experience 2 years ago and really liked it.

  2. Amy DeMordaunt
    Amy DeMordaunt says:

    Yep, kids can live for 19 years plus without going (Jim is still waiting for his big chance). We just went this year since we sort of live driving distance and Wade had a conference in L.A. But yes, the real life memories are the ones I treasure from growing up and with my family now. Really. Daniel thought we were all nuts with our umbrellas and the “reign”! Hee, hee.

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