Armed with Righteousness

My friend Katie shared this quote by Barbara Bush on facebook today. I LOVE it!Yes, what happens in our country affects us each and every day … but in the end, TRUTH WILL PREVAIL … our success as a family depends on our personal righteousness. Oh how I want us to BE STRONG.

These are the latter days. Heavenly Father knew things would get tough so he gave us tools to be faithful. This year our family has been focusing on Temples – and building a little temple fund to donate to the Church. I hope my children realize that the Temple strengthens us with might … to do right … no matter what is going on around us.

It will take strong people to battle those in the tall and spacious building. I’m excited for our 2013 Family Theme: Armed with Righteousness.
This is a perfect time to teach our kids about being courageous for all that is virtuous and true. I feel an urgency to focus on this even more than we have. These are desperate times. Satan is a booger and is fighting hard. But we can fight harder because GOOD is stronger…. it’s eternal.

Teaching spiritual preparedness, temporal preparedness, hard work, sacrifice, faith in Jesus Christ, optimism (i know – you’re doubting my optimism after that last Presidential Election post of mine). But there is more we can do to teach our little barnlings to be STRONG in righteousness.

I love this challenge for myself as a mother.

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