“But it is not EASY for me.”

This is what Max said when I asked him to help empty the dishwasher. He’s stopped saying, “But that is too hard.” and now says, “But it is not Easy.” Every time I say, “You can do hard things.” “You can do it… you can do it…” And you know what – these two boys helped out cheerfully and indeed they did DO IT. (even one-handed while holding a blanket around his waist)

Yesterday my neighbor told me a quote she wanted on a poster for their home. We are much stronger than we think… especially when we rely on God for strength.

Which reminds me of what my dad said when I asked him if he was going to have open heart surgery (triple bypass):

And a thought from long ago.

Am I a downer for talking about the hard things in life? I hope not. Mostly I’m trying to teach my children that they can do hard things… that we need to rely on the Lord to endure life’s challenges…

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  1. Angela Hill
    Angela Hill says:

    Heather, I really needed to thank you for this post. Today I spoke at my sisters funeral. She was one of five deaths that occurred this past Sunday. I have had the hardest and saddest week of my life, but it has also been the most wonderful and spiritual week of my life. I have felt the Lord directing me in and giving me strengths I didn’t know I had.
    This morning before the funeral as I was struggling to get my thoughts. I read your blog ( because you quotes ALWAYS inspire me) and I read this one that your neighbor sad…. You never know how strong you are….. I needed to hear that this morning. I love Joshua 1:9 , that is an incredible scripture and I was able to use that in my talk.
    Thank you for you words and inspiration. You are a great motivation and inspiration to me in my life. Thank you for helping me get through today.

    ~Angela Hill

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