count instead of yell … breathe instead of cry

3x4 i will count instead of yellI’ve been thinking of the principle of nurturing … of mothering … of being a better example to my children.

  • Because of my example do my children:
  • choose FAITH over fear?
  • Count instead of yell?
  • see LIGHT over darkness?
  • find JOY in work?
  • FEAST upon the scriptures?
  • choose OPTIMISM over pessimism?
  • BREATHE instead of cry?
  • speak RESPECTfully?
  • PRAY more sincerely?
  • find JOY in the journey?
  • Smile instead of frown?
  • spend TIME wisely?
  • SERVE with a heart full of song?
  • Keep Calm instead of freaking out?

KEEP CALM BREATHE KEEP CALMWhen my children are upset, if I holler at them to shush, it rarely does anyone any good. If Truman is becoming more intense and louder, if I get down on the floor and give him a soft love and quiet words in his ear, it will (usually!!!) calm him much quicker. When Abe is bouncing around or teasing a sibling, if I gently touch Abe’s shoulder or give him a hug instead of pinching his collar bone (I know – right! sorry!), he might feel greater unconditional love.

  • Patience over frustration.
  • Composure over imbalance.
  • Kindness over grouchiness.
  • Calm over anxiety.
  • Gentle over stormy.
  • Peace over contention.

This really is a good reminder that my example helps set the tone in our family.
Practice makes Progress!

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