Family Time

Just had an interesting experience. Miss Hannah’s friend asked her to go to a movie today or tomorrow. I didn’t want her being gone for so long when we have stuff planned as a family. Going to play at a friend’s house seems different than going to a movie (that I hadn’t heard of). Anyhoo… I told her ‘no’. I knew she was disappointed, but I asked if she understood. Her answer: “Yes, Family Time is Sacred Time and should be protected.” Wow – does that girl listen to Conference or what?!

We do have a few things planned for this week of spring break… a little fun… a little sun… a little work… a little chill home time, play time, exercise time, quiet time, family time. I hope it’s a good, good week.
(p.s. this picture is from Easter. Do ya think the boys thought it was too bright outside? Yep… all three did.)

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  1. Julie P
    Julie P says:

    Cute cute cute kiddies!! How wise of Miss Hannah. What a dear she is!
    (hey, is that quote one of the 3×2 ones or a bigger one?)

  2. Alison
    Alison says:

    Oh that Hannah is amazing! And what a cute Easter photo. Love your girls matching dresses, isn’t it fun to have two girls? I always wanted two girls to dress alike and now it’s so fun that we both have that. Darling family!

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