God’s Love: warmth of heaven’s embrace

IMG_3808 copyAt first glance this may appear to look just like yesterday’s rainbow. Ah-ha… but did you see the double rainbow? I missed it in the sky… I missed it at first view on the computer … it wasn’t until I was cropping it that I noticed MORE LIGHT! Perhaps we have to glance again. . . See with spiritual eyes to recognize tender mercies and blessings from God, especially when we’re coming out of a downpour.

Rainbows remind me of God’s Love for us, as His children. He sends reminders of his tender mercies inspite of tribulation. Recently my friend Sara spoke on President Uchtdorf’s “Grateful in Any Circumstances” April 2014 Conference Address. I loved this reminder… that our ability to choose gratitude helps us feel of God’s love even more.
gratitude in any circumstance rainbowp.s. unrelated but since I figured it would rain, I left the van outside to get a free ‘wash’. I was hoping at least to get the bird poop off the doors! We love Rain. No joke though… I was driving our babysitter home today and KA-BOOM CRASH LIGHTNING THUNDER! It sounded like it hit right on the road. Who knows how close it was, but when I got home the kiddos were sure scared out of their wits. So loud. Nature is miraculous!

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