Bread of Life

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Remember when I dropped off Kneaders bread & the above message … on Halloween afternoon to the gals I visit teach. Lame! But as lame as I felt to be a ‘last-day-of-the-month-sorta-visiting-teacher’, I wanted them to know I was thinking of them.

Why is visiting teaching so hard for me? Just DO IT already! Though reality is I’m sinking as it is with my family & this adds one more thing to do (plus, I stress about when to schedule so I’m not taking kids, or leaving family during busy evening hours)

BUT… there are blessings.
– I love getting to know sisters I wouldn’t have normally reached out to. Chatting with other women is good.
– If I actually read the message, it is so uplifting (more on this in a bit)
– Reaching out to others helps me stop being so self-centered … or my-family centered. I don’t know that I help anyone, but it strengthens me to look outside my present circumstances.
– Plus, if I make an effort, I don’t feel quite as guilty (r.s. president in me)

p.s. I loved, loved this message on the bread of life.
a few thoughts…
especially on friday, the 31st, i needed this message… that God gives us nourishment every day.
He will give us what we need on that day, if we look to him.
Like the Israelites who received manna from heaven each day, we can have that same blessing.
Pray specifically for things we need. Still make efforts to move forward. He will bless those efforts.
This entire talk by Elder Christofferson is worth rereading every once in a while.
Really great to feel the strength that comes from God when we come closer to Him.

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