Likening the Scriptures

Family scripture time is a myriad of things.
Sometimes it’s peaceful and we learn.
Sometimes the littles are bouncing off the couches.
Sometimes Truman snuggles into mom and falls asleep.
Sometimes Zuzu is crying because mom’s lap is taken.
Sometimes Scotty spits up all over dad (more like ALL THE TIME!).
Sometimes Abe asks questions and we talk loudly over the noise to answer.
Sometimes mom is grouchy and tired … sometimes it’s dad.
Sometimes we have a great conversation with Hannah & Abe about our ‘take-away’.
Not always perfect … or ideal … or spiritual.
But we are consistent… and that is one good thing going for us.

The other night we were somewhere near the high end of energy and noise level.

BUT … the Spirit helped me liken the scriptures unto our family.
Nothing earth-shattering … but nevertheless TRUE.
peace of this family

even i have labored

Oh, how we love a peaceful home.
Oh, how we love kind children who inspire siblings.
Oh, how we love patient parents.
Oh, how we’re all struggling … and learning … { and repenting }…
and striving to do better.

Hopefully someday, with Christ’s help, we’ll get there … to a consistently peaceful home.

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