Operation Positive

so hey… a few weeks ago, Hillary Weeks spoke at our Stake R.S. Fireside. Her message was about being changing our thoughts to be more positive. I realized that part of the downfall of this winter was my thoughts. So – I decided to jump on-board her billionclicks.org “Be a Clicker” idea. It’s time to make it more official so I’ll try a bit harder with my thoughts. Think Happy … Be Happy.

I put together these little cards with info on ‘clicking’ from billionclicks.org. They’ll remind me the power of positive thoughts.billionclicks2


I got some for the kiddos. Abe is the most enthusiastic about it. When he’s having a rough time, I try to gently remind him to ‘be a clicker’. We’re working on this together.  He has more clicks than I do.

Max and Truman are the funniest. They ask Abe to be their coach so he sits on a stool in the kitchen. They run around the kitchen and living room as fast as they can – clicking as many times as they can. They stop when they get to their coach. He tells them ‘good job’ and how many clicks they have. They keep running around and around and around. It is great exercise. And since they don’t quite understand the positive thoughts thing, it will hopefully at least keep them happy and having fun. I did tell Max that every time he chooses the right he can click.



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