Panicking is not an Option

panicking is not an option

First day of Summer Break.
Doctor’s appointment threw off our new planned routine.
But my blood pressure rocked – 121/80.

Then a trip to the library.
2 1/2 years old is the worst age to take to the library.
And I decided I was going to be committed to the library this summer.
Maybe not.
(side note: Biggest Blessing was that Tru was the best ever at the library. Give that kid a Look & Find book and he’s quiet as can be!)

The 6-year-old panicked over Boxcar Children… that the cover didn’t match the one his teacher read. He would not trust that it was the same words and story inside.

Came home and got everyone settled in quiet time.

Then mom had a few hours of breathe & smile (vs freaking out)
Are we moving?
Before or after baby?
How in the world could that work?
Where do we even start?
What can I do now to prepare without going into panic mode?
It seems impossible.
But with God, all things are possible.
Faith does not make things easy, but it does make them possible.

God is in control.
I believe if we are righteous and listening,
He will guide us in His plan.
Things are always better when we follow those promptings.
Maybe not easier… but better for us.
I am willing to do ‘hard’ if it means following God.

Just working on faith over fear while we deal with the unknown.

p.s. I’m supposed to be decluttering … but instead I’m snuggling Liza, listening to Peter Hollens music & blogging about faith. Nice!

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